Welcome To Goddess Arising

Where women uncover their inner Goddess and

Reclaim their Sovereignty, Voices, and Passion

At Goddess Arising

ALL of you is welcome and beloved.

You feel the rising of the Feminine within you for a purpose. If you’re wondering where to start, connect with us.

I’m Kristin Elizabeth

A singer & voice teacher.

Whilst visiting ancient stone circles in England I was drawn to connect with Mother God, and I felt

The Divine Feminine calling me Home,

The Priestess awakening me to ancient memories.

I received a call from The Mother, to gather women,

To connect to the awakening Divine Feminine within them.  

Goddess Arising was born!

Special Event

Join Kristin for a 4-hour virtual retreat: Opening Our Inner Power

We’ll explore Voice, Vulnerability, and Visibility

Sponsored by Sabin Vocal Studio

Awakening and Activating Your Voice

This powerful ritual will give you tools to boldly reclaim your voice and your sovereignty.

Learn the sacred words of physical creation, connecting to your Divine Power, harness your power and authority.

Experience the Goddess Arising within you.

In Circle with fellow sisters,

with transformative and beautiful experiences

in community, in your inner world,

through dynamic circle courses that challenge you to break open, reclaim yourself,

And step into your glorious Divinity.

Power as a Woman

If you are ready to be seen and to show up in your own power as a woman, come join this sacred circle.

Kami Orange

Like Coming Home

My life would be completely different if I had this circle growing up. It’s like coming home to myself and a tribe that loves me without condition.

Lizza Jacobs

Powerful Facilitator

Kristin is a powerful facilitator of the rising divine feminine movement, gathering women in healing and empowerment.

Megan Burnside

Reactivated My Calling

Goddess Arising’s launch event helped reactivate my calling to heal the Earth.

Renée Ryxi

Vulnerability and Authenticity

True sisterhood and vulnerability with an overarching mantra of authenticity.

Tricia Reynolds

Beautiful Experience

Goddess Arising was a beautiful experience that opened me up to connection and acceptance and knowledge of who I am.



Amazing, safe, and helpful.

McKalee Jacobs